President’s Message

Here we are again – welcome to the biggest community event for the Shoalhaven, where the Nowra Show Society is proud to put the best of agriculture and industry on show for our community.

This year is a very special year for Nowra Show Society as we celebrate our 150th year, a huge milestone for any organization, with very few ever reaching it. Enduring for 150 years certainly says something about the importance of an organization within it’s community, to still remain relevant through the decades. Though much of this would not be the case without a very dedicated group of volunteers and the support of many businesses over the years.


We had seen agricultural shows held prior to 1874 with the first in 1865 although they could not sustain more than a year or two without losing momentum. It was only in 1874 that the Shoalhaven A&H association was formed and successive shows were run after the group initially formed. Going from strength to strength and in our 150 year history we have only been unable to run a show on 3 occasions (due to floods, war or COVID), hence why it is our 147th show despite celebrating our 150 years of the organisation.

With such a significant year for the Nowra Show, it seemed only fitting to give our patrons the biggest and best show possible. So this year we have almost doubled our attractions budget to bring you a full program of entertainment over the two days, with some of your favorites back in centre ring on Friday and Saturday night. Be sure to catch the Freestyle Motocross, Rodeo and of course the Demolition Derby as well as some brand new, never before seen at Nowra Show attractions such as Timber Through the Ages and the Draught Horse Team.

So without further ado, I welcome you to join us for our 150th year celebrations at the 2024 Nowra Show!

James Thomson


President: Mr. James Thomson
Senior Vice President: Mr. Lindsay Parnell
Junior Vice President: Ms. Imogen Clarke
Treasurer: Ms. Jessica Apperley
Secretary: Mrs. Robyn Nelson | Phone: 0491 128 900 |    Email: info@nowrashow.org.au
Honorary Solicitor: Mr. Liam Allan


Ringmasters: Mr John Bennett, OAM | Mrs Jocelyn Fox
Ground Steward and Safety & Security: Mr. Wayne Dunn
Commercial Area Steward: Mr. James Thomson | Mr. Scott Biggers
Gate Steward: Karen Fishpool



Mr M. J. Atkins AM
Clr G.H. Watson
Mr P. Green
Mrs J. Gash AM
Mayor Clr A Findley
Ms F. Phillips MP
Ms L. Butler MP
Mr G. Ward MP
CEO Shoalhaven City Council
Commanding Officer HMAS Albatross
Commanding Officer HMAS Creswell



Correct as at December 21, 2023

Allen, Liam, Cambewarra
Anderson, Keith, Numbaa
Anderson, Paul, Numbaa
Arthur, Ron, Bomaderry
Anderson, Samantha, Nowra
Apperley, Jessica, Bomaderry
Azzopardi, Nick, Nowra
Bennett, OAM**, Merv, Worrigee
(PP) Bennett, OAM,** John, Worrigee
Blackmore, Jenny, Nowra
Bradley, Mark, Nowra
Brumerskyj, Bohdan, Falls Creek
Carter, Kevin, Nowra
Clarke, Imogen, Nowra
(PP) Cochrane, Tom, Pyree
Connolly, Tony, QLD
Connolly**, Debbie, QLD
Connolly**, Elizabeth, Bomaderry
Cook**, Christine, North Nowra
(PP) Cook**, Ralph, North Nowra
Cord, Graeme, Nowra


Coulthart, Chris, Numbaa
Dawson, Trevor, Brundee
Doody, Peter, Bomaderry
Downes, Martin, Numbaa
Downes, Mary, Numbaa
Doyle, Peter, Nowra
Dunn, Wayne, Nowra
Foord, Lisa, Bomaderry
Foord, Neville, West Nowra
Fox, Jocelyn, Wandandian
Gaffney, Paul, Nowra
Garratty, Alan, Bolong
Garratty, Amanda, Bolong
Giles, Andrew, Nowra
Giles, Louise, Nowra
Hazlewood, Keith, Nowra
Henry, Alan, Numbaa
Henry**, Vivienne, Numbaa
Holmes, Martin, West Nowra
King, Stephen, Numbaa
McKinnon**, Ron, Tomerong
Monteith-Doyle, Kristine, Nowra
Mottram, Warwick, Numbaa


Nelson, Garry, Falls Creek
Parnell**, Lindsay, Tomerong
Pepper, Ray, Brundee
(PP) Price,** Robert, Bomaderry
Portener, Ross, Cambewarra
Purtell, Min, Bomaderry
Purtell, Jim, Bomaderry
Ryan, Peter, Bolong
Spence, Hollie, Wandandian
Spresser, Dale, Worrigee
Spresser, Jodie, Worrigee
(PP) Stewart, Mark, Bomaderry
Suffolk**, Henry, Cambewarra
Suffolk**, Faye, Cambewarra
(PP) Thomson** James, West Nowra
Turnbull**, Jill, Bomaderry
Watson, Greg, Woolamia
Watson, Bill, Nowra
Windley, Malcolm, Nowra
(PP) Woodward, OAM,** Wendy, North Nowra
Zandstra, Ian, Pyree


** Life Member

(PP) Past President

Life Members

Correct as at December 21, 2023

Anderson, Lyn, Numbaa
Barby, Kim, Cambewarra
Bennett, Ann, Worrigee
Bennett, OAM, John, Worrigee
Bennett, OAM, Merv, Worrigee
Collins, Ray, Berry
Connolly, Debbie, Queensland
Connolly, Elizabeth, Bomaderry
Cook, Christine, North Nowra
Cook, Ralph, North Nowra
Coulthart, Bruce, Numbaa


Coulthart, Jeanice, Numbaa
Cowman, Peter, Cambewarra
Crump, Alf, Burrier
Dawson, Jim, North Nowra
Dawson, Jenny, North Nowra
Evison, Val, Nowra
Henry, Vivienne, Numbaa
King, Daisy, Numbaa
McCarthy, Col, Nowra
McKinnon, Ron, Tomerong
McKinnon, OAM, Theresa, Nowra
Monaghan, Phil, Berry


Muller, Voni, Nowra
Norman, John, Nowra
Norsworthy, Doug, Nowra
Price, Robert, Bomaderry
Smith, Margaret, Pyree
Sloane, Pat, Nowra
Suffolk, Faye, Cambewarra
Suffolk, Henry, Cambewarra
Thomson, James, West Nowra
Turnbull, Jill, Bomaderry
Wilford, OAM, Heather, Canberra
Woodward, OAM, Wendy, North Nowra


Presidents of Shoalhaven A. & H. Association Nowra

1874-75 J. Aldcorn
1876-78 H.G. Morton
1879-83 John Monaghan
1884-87 W. Lovegrove
1888-90 John Monaghan
1891-92 James Monaghan
1893 R. Aberdeen (Sen)
1894 E.C. Hewlett
1895 W.H. Noakes
1896 John Monaghan
1897 W.H. Noakes
1898 R. Aberdeen (Sen)
1899 W. Watts
1900-02 J. Morison
1903 R. Aberdeen (Jnr)
1904 John Monaghan
1905 W.H. Noakes
1906 J.J. Scotchmer
1907-17 H. McKenzie
1918-19 W.R. Graham
1920 J. Lumsden
1921-23 A.C. Lamond
1924-25 E.J. Ashcroft
1926-27 T. Pestell
1928-29 T. Binks
1930-31 C.V. Monaghan
1932 D.V. Boyd
1933-34 W.R. Graham
1935-37 G. Borrowdale
1938-39 J.W. Henry
1940-45 A.A. Bishop
1946-51 A.E. Herne
1952 R.L. Sheperd
1953-54 T.F. Herne
1955-57 A.E. Herne
1958-60 P.H.E. Chittick
1961-64 J. Calcraft
1965-67 C.J. Bishop
1968 C.F. McCarthy
1969-71 R.J.C. Morison
1972-73 C.A. Lamond
1974-75 R.W. Jennings
1976-78 R.J. Bennie (Jnr)
1978-80 K.J. Henry
1980-82 A.F. Garratty
1982-83 A.T. Muller

Presidents of Nowra Show Society Inc.

1983-84 A.T. Muller
1984-86 R.W. Jennings
1986-88 C.C. Crakanthorp
1988-91 R.R. Evison
1991-94 A.T. Muller
1994-98 J. Connolly
1998-01 R.C. Price
2001-04 R.K. Woodward
2004-09 J.C. Bennett
2009-11 R.T. Cook
2011-14 J.R. Thomson
2014-18 W.J. Woodward (Mrs)
2018-19 T.A. Cochrane
2019-23 M.G. Stewart
2023 J.R. Thomson

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices will be as shown below until allocation sold out.

Online presale tickets until 6pm Thursday, 8th February 2024

  • Early Bird

Adults: $15 + Booking Fee
Concession: $10 + Booking Fee
Kids (5 – 16 yrs old): $5 + Booking Fee
Kids under 5 years are free

  • Gate

Adults – $20
Concession $10
Kids (5 – 16 yrs old): $5
Kids under 5 years are free

Disclaimer: The Nowra Show Society reserves the right to have removed from the ground any person whose behavior is disruptive, dangerous or otherwise unacceptable.